Privacy Policy

Ace Of Traze is a hobbyist project and is free to use. We don’t show any external ads or include tracking services.

A central part of the game there is the online ranking and matchmaking system, this means that this data has to be transmitted to our server (including your chosen Nick Name, your score and of course your IP address).

We do not explicitly store your IP address on our server, although it’s likely that it will be stored somewhere in the log files of our hosting provider, which is what about every single website does and nothing to be scared off.

We generate a random identifier for your device, which is required to identify you in the highscore system.

To allow finding multiplayer sessions, we use a Unity Master Server, which again may store your IP address in some log files.

If you enter a multiplayer session, a direct connection to the other player’s device is made. Of course we cannot control who is part of the network, it’s possible that the person on the other side does something evil with your information, like storing it somewhere. This information has doesn’t include anything personal beyond your nickname or IP address. It is very unlikely. And this is again nothing to be scared off. However you’re free to decide whether you enter multiplayer or not.

Contact: Nils Kübler, Am Posthalterswäldle 5, 78224 Singen, nils-kuebler (at) web (dot) de

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